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Blog List Type2

Fundamentals of Blockchain & Bitcoin (Free Course)Education

Fundamentals of Blockchain & Bitcoin (Free Course)

Learn A-Z about Cryptocurrency. Learn the Fundamentals of Blockchain and Bitcoin in this bestselling video course. Quickly get the working knowledge you need and earn your certificate of completion in…

Online Learning — a new Era for EducationEducation

Online Learning — a new Era for Education

Online learning is well-defined as a structured learning activity that uses Internet-based technology, resources, and tools for learning and education. Due to these exceptional features, various students and institutes nowadays…

Pedagog ClassroomsTutorials

Pedagog Classrooms

A simple video by one of the users of virtual classrooms on the Platformfor help in buying or seeking a demo contact [email protected]

Top ranked university in CaliforniaEducation

Top ranked university in California

The best universities and colleges on the globe are ranked by the National Institutional Ranking framework. Again, for the fourth consecutive month, the University of Oxford has taken the top…

Professional Diploma in Teaching For LearningEducation

Professional Diploma in Teaching For Learning

This professional diploma aims at Building the Capacity of the Teacher. It is a 100% Online Accredited Certificate Course. This six months customized diploma can easily be successfully completed at…

User flow – How to create Live Classroom on Pedagog

A.Institute signup and purchase license (coming soon)B.Create Live Class1. Sign in to your Pedagog account and make sure you have already activated your membership 2. Go to “Instructor Area” under…

Self care plan to be the bestLifestyle

Self care plan to be the best

Taking care of oneself has always been vital in this unbelievably busy routine of life, so that you can give the best to your present and of course, the future.…

Where can a Doctoral Research Programme lead?News

Where can a Doctoral Research Programme lead?

While it is well established that a scholastic career is only one possible outcome for someone who has earned a doctoral , we are only starting to understand the swarm…

Personalized learning platformEducation

Personalized learning platform

This term is widely used by companies and schools that offer online learning platforms for students.It is a diverse range of learning programs and educational strategies that are intended to…

Guidelines for COURSE TITLE/OVERVIEWTutorials


HERE ARE SOME TECHNIQUES/QUALITY STANDARDS WE DO RECOMMEND: Focus the title on what students will learn and how they can apply the skill, instead of making it too pushy, superficial…

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