Pedagog recognizes the value and importance of providing assistance to students in the quest of their studies. Students in some countries can access Pedagog Learning Support Hubs and terminals at their choice. Below is the list of Pedagog approved partners who are recognised by our Institution European International University along with all other Universities who utilise Pedagog to deliver quality education as an authorised learning support & coaching Centre with an advantage of providing skill-based training of all the programmes and courses we have to offer.

Our industry-relevant, internationally recognised and professional programmes are now accessible, more closer to you if you ever need support through our approved centres. The partners are authorised to offer Limited Scholarships and grants to deserving students approved by The Pedagog British Foundation UK whose mission is to bring affordable & quality education to the world.

Simply click on the following country of your choice to find out more information about the different student support centres that are available with our programmes.