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Explore New Horizons: 12 Exciting Courses Launched on Pedagog

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and professional development, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Pedagog, a leading online learning platform, has recently launched


BBA-TOPUP from European International University-Paris

B.B.A. (Top-Up) Programme: Those who have earned a recognised diploma in business/management field can join the B.B.A (Top-up) programme and receive a full bachelor degree i.e. Bachelor

”We are Pedagog” video

We are #Pedagog video Our spell bound video advert, Tech-fund-pitch. Pedagog is an #edtech platform for the masses utilising credits system. Pedagog provides complete #whitelabel

What are NFTs: and how do they work

Non-fungible tokens is a growing market accounting for millions, which represent a wide range of unique tangible and intangible items, from collectible sports cards to

Importance of digital citizenship in the life of young people

In this age of technology, the world has transformed into a global village through the help of digital and social media.So getting useful information on

Personalized learning platform

This term is widely used by companies and schools that offer online learning platforms for students.It is a diverse range of learning programs and educational

Why is Social-Emotional learning necessary for students?

Although social-emotional learning is not the subject of teaching in most schools, it is very important to understand and manage emotions, feeling sympathy for others

The Pedagog Blockchain Explorer -LOLCHAIN

The Pedagog blockchain Explorer also know as LOLCHAIN is a complete learning data management solution with Academic Honesty protocols at its core providing immutable &

Get your Institution a White label page with integrated LMS

White label page for your Institution ! Create your institution’s branded page on our platform. Add your courses. Diplomas, degrees, workshops etc for learners to

Bitcoin Price Riding Gold’s Luster

Bitcoin rose to its highest price in a month after weeks of lowest volatility which actually is very ideal situation and signifies mass acceptance, but