Juggling Hats: A Day in the Life of Emmanuel Akpeme, Founder of Yebo Academy

Emmanuel Akpeme wears many hats. By day, he’s a manager at the prestigious PwC, navigating the complex world of finance. But his true passion lies

The Power of Routine: A Day in the Life of Leading Psychologist Ms. Shamina Deol

As a prominent psychologist and academician, Ms. Shamina Deol‘s daily routine is an intricate dance between intellectual pursuits, patient care, and personal well- being. Her

How Ms Tina Yang, the COO of European International University Paris Manages Her Daily Work Routine

How Ms Tina Yang, the COO of European International University Paris Manages Her Daily Work Routine Staying Organized and Productive in a Demanding Role Ms

Explore New Horizons: 12 Exciting Courses Launched on Pedagog

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and professional development, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Pedagog, a leading online learning platform, has recently launched

CEO in asia

The Mission of one CEO in educating the masses

It’s admirable that Ms. Imesha, the CEO of Ceylon Campus, has such a strong commitment to providing quality education to the masses in Sri Lanka.

charity thailand

Education to Empathy: Pedagog Goes Beyond the Classroom in Thailand

Pedagog, a UK-based edtech platform known for its innovative learning solutions, has embarked on a remarkable journey of social impact in Thailand. Stepping beyond the

ceo's in kuwait

Pedagog’s Approved Learning Centres across the Globe

Congratulations to Students and Learners across the Continent. Pedagog – An International Ed Tech Platform on the opening of its new Learning Approved Centre in

Pedagog: An Online Learning Platform with Great Scholarship Opportunities to Study with Leading European Universities

Pedagog is an innovative online learning platform that provides students with access to high-quality education from top European universities. The platform offers a wide range


University Collaboration to expand learning in Asia

University Collaboration Under the Leadership of Dr. Pratik Mungekar to Expand Learning in Asia [London] – [01 August 2023] – A new university collaboration under

how to make money selling courses

How to Make Money Selling Courses Online

how to make money selling courses
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