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Pedagog MBA

Unbeatable Offer For Nigerian Learners only. At Yebo, quality meets affordability. Begin your journey towards earning your MBA Degree for…

Get your institutions webpage on pedagog for freeNews

Get your institutions webpage on pedagog for free

Hi folks now there is more good news as the pedagog platform offers your very own white-labelled page on their…

Pedagog ClassroomsTutorials

Pedagog Classrooms

A simple video by one of the users of virtual classrooms on the Platformfor help in buying or seeking a…

Guidelines for COURSE TITLE/OVERVIEWTutorials


HERE ARE SOME TECHNIQUES/QUALITY STANDARDS WE DO RECOMMEND: Focus the title on what students will learn and how they can…

Instructor Revenue Share on PEDAGOGTutorials

Instructor Revenue Share on PEDAGOG

There is no fee to create a course on Pedagog, and you can publish as many free and paid courses…

Pedagog BBAEducation

Pedagog BBA

Study Bachelor in Business Administration from European International University, Paris

Welcome InstructorsNews

Welcome Instructors

Dear Instructors &Tutors, at Pedagog we acknowledge your accomplishments through your content in education & doing so we want to…


This video from one of the tutor explains how to upload your course contentFor any queries please contact [email protected]

Creating your course introduction

Creating the right course introduction is very important. This shows on the landing page of the course when learners decide…