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University Collaboration to expand learning in Asia

University Collaboration Under the Leadership of Dr. Pratik Mungekar to Expand Learning in Asia [London] – [01 August 2023] – A new university collaboration under

EIU-Paris MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE Programme – Study on Site

EIU- Paris is proud to launch their first-ever MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE, and announce the availability of study on site classes for all MBA and

Title: EIU Takes Pride in ASIC, UK Accreditation: A Remarkable Milestone

The Senior Inspector of ASIC, UK, who also happens to be the Founder and Director General of EIU-PARIS, attended the prestigious Srinakarinwirot University’s ASIC Accreditation

top business schools

Top Business Schools on the Globe for 2023

According to the Pedagog magazine survey, The Wharton School will hold the esteemed title of top business school for 2023. MIT Sloan School of Management

build your course

How to add my first course on Pedagog ?

Yes you have come to the correct page, How to build your first course on Pedagog Platform. I will share some simple screenshots of how

Honoring Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk: Distinguished Political Leadership Award 2023

We are overjoyed to offer His Excellency Ronnie Brunswijk of Suriname, Vice President, our sincere congratulations on receiving the esteemed Distinguished Political Leadership Award 2023.


Courses for Kids

Yes, pedagog is launching exciting courses for kids in engineering. These courses are designed to help kids understand the fundamentals of engineering and gain hands-on

Latest Brochure of Short Skilled Courses on Pedagog (Course Brochure)

Here is the brochure of our courses updated till 5th March 2023. Welcome to our courses! We offer a variety of courses to help you

Apply for Financial Aid or a Scholarship for Higher Learning

Good news for students! To make your higher learning more affordable, The Pedagog Foundation UK will be able to provide scholarships to most deserving students

Where can a Doctoral Research Programme lead?

While it is well established that a scholastic career is only one possible outcome for someone who has earned a doctoral , we are only