Breaking News: WES equivalency for EIU-Paris Graduates

We are pleased to inform you that EIU-Paris is committed to supporting their graduates who have expressed their desire to migrate to Canada and the US for employment opportunities.

As part of their efforts, they are assisting their graduates in obtaining the World Education Services (WES) – International Credential Evaluation (ICE) equivalency for their EIU degrees.

Their end-to-end services encompass all aspects of the process, including covering the WES FCE charges and processing fees required for obtaining an equivalent WES endorsed dual degree that matches the students’ completed program at EIU.

  1. The graduate completes and obtains an EIU degree.
  2. The graduate requests a WES endorsed university dual degree that matches the EIU degree.
  3. The graduate pays for the WES endorsed university dual degree.
  4. Simultaneously, the graduate signs up on the WES website and creates a personal account.
  5. The WES endorsed University will issue the matching dual degree and share the soft copy with the graduate.
  6. The graduate would upload this soft copy, along with the standard WES form, on the WES system and pay the WES evaluation fee.
  7. The graduate provides details of the WES submission so that the WES endorsed university can then liaise directly with WES to submit all the required paperwork from the university side to ensure a successful equivalency evaluation by WES.
  8. The graduate receives the WES equivalency report on their personal account on the WES portal.
  9. We would also send the original copies of the dual degree to the graduate by priority DHL.
  10. The graduate would have EIU degree documents + WES endorsed matching dual degree + full WES equivalency report.

Fee: The fee will be disclosed when a graduate approaches EIU for the WES FCE (foreign credential evaluation).

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact

European International University: [email protected]

Pedagog: [email protected]

Official Business WhatsApp: +33607591197


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