Guidelines for Course Title and Overview

Here are some Techniques and quality standards we recommend for creating the best Course Title:

  • Focus the title on what students will learn and how they can apply the skill, instead of making it too pushy, superficial or deceiving that can come across as fraudulent to students.

Focus on the specifics such as:

  • Level of student for the course.
  • Level of skill of the course.
  • Level of skill required for the course.
  • The type of course within a given field.
  • What will the student be able to do or understand after taking this course?
  • Title should fall in the range of 60-70 characters or less.
  • The course title needs to end with “Unofficial”, if the course is about how to create a course on Pedagog or marketing on Pedagog or alike. In such a case, the course overview has to be “This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Pedagog (This is required for all courses about Pedagog)


· Avoid using direct references to monetary promises, specific promises like how much money or income etc. as being the objective of your course. Please note that students are here to learn practical skills or adding to their knowledge, so surround your course title and overview on the skill or knowledge that students will gain or learn. To pass the Standard Review Process, your title, overview, and course description cannot include superficial promises related to making money, financial success, income etc.· Avoid the use of over capitalization or unnecessary punctuation or special characters (invalid characters, hyphens in the wrong places, multiple exclamation points, emojis etc.).· Don’t use the word “Pedagog” in the title or overview, unless the course is about creating a course/marketing on Pedagog.· Remember, our administrative staff do check for this as part of our Standard Review Process.

Great Title for one of the trending course on Pedagog : Ecommerce Store


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