Financial Management: Beginner to Advanced

financial manager

Financial Management is a Professional Diploma Certification by the European International University- Paris.

Finance skills are in high demand, and the sector is expected to continue growing. With a great demand for latest and updated continuous professional development of finance executives, this certification has been highly accoladed by corporates as it helps certifying the candidature for financial analyst roles and adds to the qualification & upgrades to career.

This course will ensure that you prove to be an invaluable asset to your organization, possessing important skills especially in the areas of Financial Planning, Accounting Records, Financial Monitoring, and Internal Control System. It will also help you to manage multiple financial management responsibilities more effectively and efficiently with International Certification.


The Field of Finance

Review of Accounting

Financial Statements and their Importance

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Sources and Uses Statement

Statement of Cash Flows

Evaluating Financial Performance (ROE)

Problems with ROE

Ratio Analysis

Pro-Forma Statements

Developing Pro-Forma Statements I

Developing Pro-Forma Statements II

Measuring Sustainable Growth

Managing Growth

Operating Leverage and Its Effect on Business Financials

Financial Leverage

Capital Markets, a Macro Perspective

Capital Markets, the Micro Perspective

Short-Term Financing

The Time Value of Money

Valuation of Bonds

Valuation of Stocks

The Cost of Capital

Long-Term Debt

Alternative Forms of Long-Term Financing

Common and Preferred Stock Financing

Dividend Policy

Mergers and Acquisitions

International Financial Management

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