Honoring Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk: Distinguished Political Leadership Award 2023

We are overjoyed to offer His Excellency Ronnie Brunswijk of Suriname, Vice President, our sincere congratulations on receiving the esteemed Distinguished Political Leadership Award 2023. This honour is a tribute to his outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication to improving his nation and the entire world.

The political career of Vice President Brunswijk has been characterised by a consistent commitment to strengthening unity and bringing about significant change in Suriname. His forward-thinking strategy has inspired not only individuals in his own country but also people all over the world.

Vice President Brunswijk’s stirring and motivational address at the EIU-Paris Convocation ceremony in the picturesque city of Atlantis-Dubai served as a remarkable speech. All in attendance were profoundly affected by his comments, which left a lasting impression on their hearts and minds. His speech demonstrated his in-depth awareness of the difficulties of leadership, diplomacy, and the value of cooperation in overcoming obstacles.

We are incredibly privileged to have Vice President Brunswijk get this honour. His passion, inclusivity, and sincere desire to serve have made him an admirable role model for leaders all over the world.

Vice President Brunswijk regrettably was unable to attend the ceremony and accept this honour in person. Fortunately, His Excellency Ronnie Brunswijk’s representative, Mr. Clifton Lienga, accepted the Distinguished Political Leadership Award 2023 on his behalf. Vice President Brunswijk’s commitment to progress and togetherness was exemplified by Mr. Lienga’s presence.

Once more, Pedagog on behalf of EIU- Paris would like to extend our congratulations to Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk for his tremendous achievements in politics and his persistent commitment to building a better future for Suriname and the rest of the globe.

May his leadership spur world peace and harmony in the years to come.

To watch Vice President of Suriname Ronnie Brunswijk’s speech on receiving the Doctorate Degree, click here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1lq5wyoMaE


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