HOW DOES ONLINE MBA DIFFER FROM A REGULAR ONE ?Revolutionary growth in technology has brought about complete transformation in educational ecosystem going back to our previous article on The advent of the phenomenon “WORLD: THE GLOBAL VILLAGE” has opened big gates for whole new stream of learning and certification; reducing distances and bringing universities at the door step. Not only this, technology has brought about a big shift in attitude as well. Professionals who resist this mandatory educational transformation, shall culminate sooner.Businesses are undergoing a major change owing to digital transition. Professionals in this sector recognize that many jobs have disappeared owing to technological advancements. In order to sustain and head in the right direction and possibly strive with the global leaders, all organizations will need to adapt with the changing times. Keeping this into account, employers are now on a look out for competent professionals, qualified and experienced in interdisciplinary business management. The gist being, “Gone are the days for two years of PG with a single specialization in business and you are good to adapt into the workforce”.According to the outdated regular system of MBA, specialization in one field serves all. As of now, you enter into the workforce with the backup of lifelong learning and upgrading your skills. This has been probable with the unique 1-year online MBA programmes in not one or two but as many specialized fields to make yourself a worthy employee of this century. This multi specialization has been possible only with the online MBA’s of 1 year, that makes you a MASTER OF ALL TRADES thus, resisting LAYOFFS.The online 1-year MBA trains already employed experts or professionals, who have the zeal to grow and flourish further. In this regard, European International University Paris offers a wide range of specialties for employment in a multidisciplinary and international environment. The learners from EIU, Paris aspire to leading roles.The unique online MBA 1-year programme has completely changed the game. With the moguls like Dr Edward Roy Krishnan , believing in transformation of education (IYD Theme of 2019), the 2030 agenda of UN for International Youth Day i.e. Sustainable Development, seems achievable. The rewards of online MBA are multifarious, in contrast to the regular outmoded system or the distance mode.

The traditional system of MBA has been in existence since its conception in the late 1950’s. Its relevance in the times of the rise of Internet and AI seems questionable. Its only objective being, to produce managers of a specific field. In sharp contrast, the present system of MBA prepares a learner for different specializations, learning in the part time through self- paced, effective learning Management System, by being a part of the real business world in full time.Now the business school curricula won’t get in the way of 21st century reality where manpower is being replaced by AI powered Robots. Consequently, only those business learners will survive who are trained by the transformed curriculum catering to the needs of iGen of 21st century, thus maintaining the significance and relevance of MBA.To sum up, universities are already transforming. Without exception, the world of business education is changing and indeed changed already. Business schools’ reputation and accreditation and the transformed curriculum is more important than the mode of earning the degree (online or regular). So, what are you waiting for? Get set and go to for enrollment in 25 different specializations of Online MBA 1-year programme.Study Anytime: Anywhere: AffordablyIf you have queries or for more information, you may comment or reach out to the author.About the Author: Ms. Shamina Deol is a leading Educational and Clinical Psychologist and a renowned Career Counsellor in Asia. Being a Trainer and Self-Esteem Coach, she has magically transformed bottom of the pile to Career oriented top-reaches.


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