Pedagog : Advanced blockchain based online learning platform:


EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, PARIS, the bigwig of educational sector, has redefined education by initiating the most advanced, fully blockchain-based, AI powered online learning platform: Pedagog.Announcing the news about its development on Wed, 13th November at the ASIC annual conference, Kuala Lumpur, EIU revealed that Pedagog is an indispensable one-stop personal and professional development market place where learners, subject matter experts, counsellors, educational institutions, accreditation bodies, employers and all other stake holders come together with a common goal i.e. extemporizing the educational standards. EIU-Paris is excited to unveil the tokenization of education through the TOKENS and the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world R3Corda & Hyperledger Fabric which will offer resolutions to the problems faced in global online education system in delivering privacy, security, interoperability and scalability. EIU-Paris looks forward to linking up with more blockchain networks to further improve the educational ecosystem globally. This will be a step forward inreinventing online learning, making it transparent, authentic and even more affordable through the use of tokens in the learners dashboard which will be backed by the value of USD thus enabling more efficient payment processing and faster delivery of educational services without having to pay for the bank charges by students.

Furthermore, AI powered algorithms provides highly personalized UX (user experience) making online learning easily accessible, aesthetically pleasant, meaningful, pleasurable, efficient and fun. Consequently, sustaining the motivation of learners. EIU is hopeful that the prototype development shall encourage the whole educational community and will build a system that is truly democratic. Thus, not a single entity but driven and governed by the Pedagog community.

ASIC in its annual conference 2019 quoted that Pedagog; the largest blockchain educational ecosystem in the world is a great achievement by truly innovative team and staff of EIU; and hence worthy of INNOVATION IN EDUCATION recognition award presented to Dr Edward Roy Krishnan President of the European International University Paris along with Dr Jatin Anand , Director of Pedagog Ltd.

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