Pedagog MBA


Unbeatable Offer For Nigerian Learners only.

At Yebo, quality meets affordability.

Begin your journey towards earning your MBA Degree for only $66.66 per module.

Duration: 12-15 months


  • Super affordable.
  • 100% online and self-paced.
  • MBA certification from WORLD’S top Business School, i.e., the European International University (EIU-Paris).
  • Become an associate member of the American based International Alliance of Business Professionals (IABP) for networking and professional development purposes.
  • Qualify for an additional American Dual Degree (MBA) from the California Metropolitan University, USA.

No hidden charges.

Please visit:

How to start your MBA (Master of Business Administration)

  • Click on the course of your interest under ”Academics” & reach on its landing page.
  • On the course landing page one can see the complete structure & content of the programme.
  • On the course landing page the students can see all the 9 modules
  • Start your course by clicking the 1st Module which will take you to the payment page 
  • Click ”Add to Cart”
  • Add funds to your account 
  • Pay with the mode of your choice (Paypal or Credit/debit card)
  • After the successful payment find your course in your dashboard under the tab ”Courses”
  • Now you can simply click on the course and start studying
  • After completing the first module simply follow the steps for the next module

For help email [email protected]

July 4, 2021


July 16, 2021

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