Professional Diploma in Teaching For Learning

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This professional diploma aims at Building the Capacity of the Teacher. It is a 100% Online Accredited Certificate Course. This six months customized diploma can easily be successfully completed at your own pace and in your own space, even within a month. Diploma in TFL is a comprehensive program designed for forward thinking and future learning teachers who committed empower young minds to reach their full potential. Engaging a Learning Coach has become very expensive and out of reach of millions of teachers who need it. As a result, it has become the privilege of the rich widening the gap between perceived classes. In a digitized world, TFL brings the Coach to the Learner at a fraction of the cost making it accessible and affordable to all teachers.

This Diploma is specifically designed for Educators in Pre-primary, Primary and High School.  Besides equipping you with the knowledge to inspire you to value the critical role you play in a Learner’s academic path; this course shows you how to step up to your role as an equal partner in Education. You will understand why Teaching is not just a job, it is a Calling. You will learn how to connect with your Learners so that while you teach, Learning also takes place. Hence, TEACHING FOR LEARNING. The Diploma Certification from an Accredited French University, European International University, Paris  adds to the value further on successful completion of this course

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