CONVENTIONAL SYSTEM OF EDUCATION. You are born with your life map already sketched by your parents. You are almost tossed in the school without even acquainting you with the why’s and When’s. ‘TO BA A SUCCESSFUL PERSON’ is the only shout out to the rationale of studying, rendering the process of schooling sound even more irrelevant. Eventually, that part of the life comes where you are at the juncture of selecting a stream for vocation after high school but considered an amateur for your choices. Years and years of struggling and spattering goes on with notations about your career choice being made by the blood relations and definitely not you (if you exist as the tentative 90 percent of the world’s population). The only role you play in YOUR professional life is stating ‘AYE AYE MOM DAD’ trusting their experience and knowledge hardly deeming your aptitude, interests, career preferences or personality traits.Life goes on; juggling between your profession (whether you like it or no) and family, making both ends meet, putting a dead end on ‘once’ your academic dreams and aspirations preserving those into your subconscious as visions to be fulfilled through your kids and thus the vicious cycle continues. You dread chasing your dream academic credentials now, fearing wastage and the loss of pay packet due to the constraints of attending routine timetabled lectures and coursework, exorbitant educational expenditure and lack of diverse course choices in your vicinity.This must sound familiar to you. Yes, my dear readers but don’t let the sadness seep in.Great visionaries like Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan, President, European International University, Paris believes ‘The value of knowledge is not academic but profound’ and has developed educational ecosystem with blockchain centric projects through decentralized platforms like . Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan and his team has completely revamped the system of education where the spotlight is on adapting to 21st century skill set. The array of NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED and INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED undergrad, graduate, doctoral, degree, diploma and certificate both long term and short term courses offered by EIU have been designed by the leading educators, which are available to anyone with an internet connection and a zeal to reform their academic credentials. The team of EIU’s eminent career counsellors and educational psychologists help you with the selection and preparing individualised course structure with personalised learning management system wherein you can learn ANYTIME ANYWHERE AFFORDABLY; as goes the motto of the university.

According to renowned career counsellor Ms. Shamina Deol, the most alluring factor stays that the university focuses on your work years and minimum qualification in any stream for admission to curricula, consequently rewarding your primitive needs for education. EIU realizes that if you are jammed in a wrong place, accomplishing something that you are not meant for or is monotonous because of the forceful erroneous educational selections, it alters not only your professional life, but also your personal life, making it a nightmare.So what are you waiting for? Get connected, discuss with EIU’s academic counsellors, enroll and begin your journey towards your dream education in the comfort of your home with your family.All the best! Get Set, Go. Live your dreams and progress towards a career of YOUR OWN choice. As the saying goes: If you have a career of your choice, you are not working a single day but enjoying and multiplying both your health and wealth. HAPPY STUDYING: ANYTIME ANYWHERE


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