Surge in students completing Online Degree programmes

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There are several reasons for the surge in students completing online degree programmes. One of these factors is the increasing availability of online programmes. Many universities are now offering fully online courses and degrees, often at a lower cost than their campus-based counterparts. This is allowing more students to access higher education, even if they do not have the ability to attend a physical campus. Secondly, the increasing use of technology has made online learning more accessible. There are now more tools available for remote learning, including web-based lectures, video conferencing, and online discussion forums. Finally, the traditional college experience has become less appealing for many students. The convenience of online learning has allowed them to progress their studies without having to sacrifice their work or family obligations.

There are many such online learning platforms in the market offering courses and programmes for the learners globally.

As of my last update, known and established organizations that have been offering online courses for many years include

  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. LinkedIn Learning (formerly
  4. edX
  5. Codecademy
  6. Skillshare
  7. Pedagog
  8. Pluralsight
  9. FutureLearn
  10. Udacity

Please note that the acceptance and availability of online course platforms keeps changing over time, and there may be new players in the market. The above list is an unbiased ranking of the edtech platforms by independent agencies according to a recent survey where respondents were surveyed with a list of questions.

How is Pedagog different than other online platforms?

The Pedagog Platform is a gamified learning and tutoring platform which connects learners with the instructors and institutions. The programmes and courses offered on the platform are very reasonably priced to expand education and higher learning to the masses even at the remotest locations. The platform was developed with an aim to reduce mass commercialization in education.

The Degree programmes like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can be done with easy instalments and students can pay on module basis at their own pace of learning.

The Pedagog platform allows students to learn at their own pace

Some of the features of the platform are as follows:

1. Data security & integrity – Pedagog ensures utmost protection of learners’ and instructors, as well as education institutions’ data.

2. Immutable and verifiable data (records) storage and communication – Pedagog ensures that there is no unauthorized or unethical tampering with sensitive data related to learning, assessment and certification; including data pertaining to payments for courses, etc.

3. Engagement & motivation – Pedagog ensures that both learners and instructors are actively involved in the teaching-learning processes through gamification features closely tied to enhanced UX (user experience interface).

4. Quality assurance – contents / instructors / certification – Pedagog would be one of the few e-learning platform that would ensure the on-boarding of accredited instructors and instructional materials (contents).

5. Ease of on-boarding instructors, courses and certification services – The Pedagog platform ensures enhanced UX for getting instructors and courses, as well as certification opportunities, on-boarded, reviewed, approved, and become accessible to the public.

6. Affordability – Pedagog will be the champion of the masses, in that it would provide world’s most affordable courses / programmes / and certifications.

7. Adaptability – It is not easy for both instructors and learners to shift from traditional classroom to virtual classroom learning – this is why Pedagog will mimic  traditional classroom experiences to a greater extent, for both learners and the instructors. Features of the physical classroom would be built into the Pedagog platform.

8. Resonable technological entry requirements – Issues such as bandwidth, user-friendliness of interface, etc. (hardware and software) – Pedagog, though one of the most revolutionary e-learning platforms of our time, will enable access with minimal possible hardware and software entry requirements.

9. Academic honesty – How to ensure the student is the one taking the test / submitting the required assignments? Pedagog has features on the platform that ensures academic honesty is not compromised. Tests will be conducted on the platform, and assignments will be inputted on the platform itself, with proof of study protocols strictly enforced.

10. Instructional strategies – Monotony and boredom are another major problem in most e-learning platforms. Pedagod is working on developing the use of different instructional modalities such as pre-recorded videos, texts, LIVE teaching, interactive forums, etc. These multi-modal approach to teaching would keep monotony and boredom at bay.

11. Sound and immediate feedback regarding learning progress and performance – Pedagog will feature real-time feedback to regularly inform learners about their progress and performance – this feature is connected to the gamification aspects of the platform, which in turns keeps the level of motivation and engagement at the highest.

12. Isolation and alienation of learners – Pedagog solves this problem commonly encountered on most e-learning platforms by featuring an active forum functionality where Pedagog learners and instructors discuss, constructively debate, learn, and grow together (community of learning concept). This feature is in development

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13. Expert’s blind spot – Another common problem with many e-learning platforms is that the instructors are not always good at predicting the difficulty level of new ideas for their online learners – Pedagog will solve this problem through the use and integration of AI, where instructors are supplied with up-to-date data as to the level of understanding of students on an on-going manner; also, the live, continuously utilized quizzes utilized during LIVE instructions enable instructors to better understand learners’ level of comprehension of what is taught to them.

Currently Pedagog Ltd which is a UK based leading Ed-Tech Platform, Headquartered in London is inviting partners preferably from education backgrounds for its exclusive franchisee and Learning support Centres initiative to expand affordable education across the globe. Interested parties can inquire by emailing [email protected]

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