The Busy Bee: A Day in the Life of Ms. Shabista Bakhtiar CEO

Pakistan’s corporate world is a dynamic one, and at the helm of many successful companies are CEOs who juggle demanding schedules and cultural nuances. Here’s a glimpse into a typical day for Ms Shabista Bakhtiar CEO of Learning Lab, Pakistan

Early Start:

  • 6:00 AM – Wake Up & Family Time: The day begins early, often with a traditional breakfast with family after poritizing exercise or meditation at this time for focus and well-being.
  • 7:00 AM – News & Industry Updates: Staying informed is crucial. She dedicates time to reading local and international news, along with industry-specific publications, to stay ahead of the curve.

The Office Grind:

  • 8:00 AM – Arrive at the Office: Pakistani work culture can involve long hours, so CEOs like Ms Shabista arrive early to set the pace and meet with their teams.
  • 8:30 AM – Internal Meetings: The morning is dedicated to internal meetings. Shabista discusses strategy, review project progress, and address any pressing issues with department heads.
  • 10:00 AM – External Meetings & Calls: The afternoon is filled with external meetings. This could involve client visits, conference calls with international partners, or meetings with government officials depending on the industry.

Lunch Break with a Twist:

  • 1:00 PM – Lunch: Lunch might be a working lunch with colleagues or a social gathering with potential business partners. Shabista often build relationships through shared meals.

Afternoon Powerhouse:

  • 2:00 PM – Negotiations & Strategic Planning: The afternoons are for crucial tasks. Negotiations with clients or suppliers, strategizing for future growth, and making key decisions often take place during this time.
  • 4:00 PM – Networking & Social Events: Building strong relationships is vital. Attending industry events, conferences, or charity galas can be part of a CEO’s schedule.

Winding Down:

  • 7:00 PM – Leave the Office: While long hours are common, Shabista prioritizes a healthy work-life balance and leave by 7 pm.
  • 8:00 PM – Family Dinner & Relaxation: Spending time with family over dinner is very important for Ms Bakhtiar. Relaxation techniques like prayer or spending time with loved ones can help unwind.


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