The ”Generation indoors” & the risks

Every morning, the routine looks the same: wake up, brew coffee in a dimly lit home, drive the pre-dawn shuttle to the office, and spend the day tapping away in a stuffy cubicle while intermittently checking out some form of smart device for “outside world” updates.
While modern amenities have, without a doubt, made life easier on many accounts, there is a key element of the above scenario that’s a major departure from human behaviour throughout any other point in history: Over the course of the past hundreds of years, we have migrated from workplaces like gardens and farms to workshops and offices. Instead of spending time in natural sunlight, we today are spending our time relaxing in the flush shine of the gadgets screens, which puts us out of sync with natural periodic rhythms.
In addition, contemporary civilization computes high-pressure new careers, and an ultra- modern way of socialising when it comes to work and social life — which is disturbing native organic patterns even further.When one examines them together, all of these factors may be taking a cost on our health and bliss. Welcome to the age of the “Indoor Generation.”

People are not understanding how much time they are now spending indoors specially before the screens either in their pressurised jobs or watching their favourite programmes or just playing games on their devices. This is all changing the mechanism of how our bodies internally are coping with and adjusting with the life styles which surely we were not made fact on a very typical day in a job an employee might not even spend 20 minutes outdoors to their office environment. Spending so much time indoors in not the best for ones health specially if homes and work places are not well airy. Research says spending more time in mouldy or damp places for longer can increase chances of asthma by upto 45%
There are a few steps one can take to make their indoor places brighter with freshness and overall healthier. Researchers suggest avoiding burning candles inside, and keeping highly ventilated homes and offices by opening windows plenty time a day. These basic tips can help reduce the level of pollutants present but still cant replace the nature.


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