How to be rich overnight?


The onset of 21st century witnessed a glut of online system of education attributing the reason to the advancement in technology. The internet has made the world a global village, shortening distances and flourishing the e-commerce market. Consequently, making education not a commodity of elite and a few but, catering to learners in every nook and corner of the globe. Thus, the policies of the government around the world concentrating on compulsory education for all doesn’t seem a dream anymore.

Just like the two sides of a coin, technology has its two flanks as well. With all the advantages, we are confronted with the drawbacks of the scientific escalation which is the jet speed of ‘Global Warming’. Global leaders are now focusing on sustainable development to thwart the negative repercussions of automation. It has increasingly been realized that only education can help sort this problem. Thus, making education reach the masses is mandatory. To accomplish it, transformation of education through the use of technology is indispensable.

Now online learning platforms have been set up where learners can pursue their educational goals without having to be physically present there. Internet reaching here, there and everywhere, makes it easy to educate people in areas where educational institutions cannot be structured. Sole bread earners of the families who had to drop out, to make both ends meet, can now study part-time and achieve academic credentials without having to compromise on their occupations. International degrees which were once a dream to groom the CV’s is easily achievable now with online system of education.

I am sure, all of you (readers), by now must be wondering about the aptness of the title to the content mentioned in the article. This was significant to expose the fraudulent practices of the online schools.

The author here wants to present the actual scenario of 80 percent of the online universities or colleges. Since the learner cannot visit the campus to inquire about the e-learning schools and gets all the information about the courses, its content, objective, affiliation, accreditation, method of imparting instructions, testing, certification and other important factors, for enrollment, from the website presented by the respective online schools itself. This renders the authenticity and credibility of the online education questionable.

The title of this article attracts the readers with the objective to become rich overnight. However, it has been written to highlight the prevalent snags of online education. In a similar fashion, most online universities and colleges project themselves in a glorifying manner, only to realize a deception later by the learner. Once a student registers, all the promises of the online schools goes haywire, making the student lament his decision of online education.

In this regard, European International University, Paris stands tall for actually BEING what it presents to the world. It’s a matter of immense pleasure to witness the leaders of this institution actually bringing educational reforms through its online and offline courses. Honesty and Integrity forms the core values, from laying the foundations to accreditation and affiliation, from the recognized courses to the journey of success till date and even the future ahead. The only University to introduce blockchain based, AI Powered, tokenized system of education and provides amazing user experience. To simplify, EIU, Paris is the only 21st century educational institution which has revolutionized the culture of learning and certification making its online education trustworthy and authentic. It is one-stop personal and professional development market place where learners, subject matter experts, counsellors, educational institutions, accreditation bodies, employers and all other stake holders come together with a common goal i.e. extemporizing the educational standards.

In a gist, if you are planning to upgrade your academic credentials and earn a higher position professionally without compromising on your pocket, EIU, Paris is the answer.


About the author: Ms. Shamina Deol is a leading Educational and Clinical Psychologist and a renowned Career Counsellor in Asia. Being a Trainer and Self-Esteem Coach, she has magically transformed bottom of the pile to Career oriented top-reaches. She has a passion to write about the burning issues in education to guide its beneficiaries.


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