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Unleashing Boundless Horizons: Exploring the Grand Convocation through the Eyes of an EIU- Paris

Recent events included the grand worldwide convocation of the European International University (EIU), a historic gathering of students from all around the world to honour

vice chancellor of the university

Surge in students completing Online Degree programmes

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EIU-Paris Configurable Program Fee Structures

EIU’s affordable fee includes high-quality asynchronous learning materials. However, we understand the importance of live teaching and faculty contact. With our configurable program fee structure,

Breaking News: WES equivalency for EIU-Paris Graduates

We are pleased to inform you that EIU-Paris is committed to supporting their graduates who have expressed their desire to migrate to Canada and the

Your child’s mental health is more important than their grades!

Ong Ai Teng is a seasoned Child counsellor and a trainer and has helped number of parents and children by providing the pathway in their

How can Blockchain skyrocket your Career?

A distributed ledger system known as blockchain technology makes it possible to record and verify transactions transparently and securely. It has been widely used in

Earn While You Learn with Pedagog’s Affiliate Program: Discover Exciting Courses on Blockchain, NFTs, and More!

 Are you tired of sitting through tedious online courses and not earning any money in the process? Look no further than Pedagog’s affiliate program! With

Latest Education Trends

Latest Education Trends in 2023

With the world of education and technology rapidly evolving, new trends are emerging every year. In 2023, trends such as online learning, hybrid learning, project-based


Necessary Diploma Courses for Teachers 2023

The required diploma courses for teachers can vary depending on the location and the specific requirements of the school or educational institution. However, here are


Oxford Metropolitan College invites Executive Applications

Oxford Metropolitan College is a private college located in England. It offers a range of courses in subjects such as business including professional certifications in