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Basic features of the Pedagog platform

Watch out a simple explanatory video by one of the students. ?for any queries reach out to [email protected]

How to learn for free on Pedagog

Pedagog is a unique platform whose aim is to take education to the remote corners of the world. Our aim is to reach out to

How to purchase a license on Pedagog to create live class

1. Login from Teacher’s Login 2. Go to “Pedagog Classroom” under your profile 3. Choose the right package and click “Purchase License using your PDG

How to purchase an online course on Pedagog

1. Login to your Pedagog account2. You can search for courses with our own search engine on the top of the website, or click “Category”

User flow – How to create Live Classroom on Pedagog

A.Institute signup and purchase license (coming soon)B.Create Live Class1. Sign in to your Pedagog account and make sure you have already activated your membership 2.

User flow – How to create an online course on Pedagog

A. Create your profile Signup – Login Go to your Profile Upload a professional photo of you Provide your first name, last name, email address,

Hiring Tutors & Content Creators

Good news for the global tutors and content creators on youtube and other platforms. Here is a chance to become a part of the global

Future of Education – Pedagog is a specialised decentralised online learning platform introduced as the world’s first ever recognised and accredited VIRTUAL SCHOOL, involving the provision of basic education

Launching Pedagog-Blockchain based learning platform