How to add a course on

adding your course in udemy

Follow the steps as in the slides

From your Dashboard do the following steps:

1 Click ”My Institute”

2 Click ”Create Course” on the right

3 Select ‘New Course” and start entering the course landing page details

4 After the landing page is completed then click ”Save” and click ”View and Add lessons”

5 A pop up opens – Enter the Lesson details and click ”Save changes”

6 Click ”Add File” and complete the information on the course page

7 Choose the file from Video, Document, Quiz or an Assignment

8 Click ”Save and Preview”

9 Click ”Submit”

The academic counsellors at Pedagog will review the course and publish it usually within 2-3 days

Watch video on how to add a course.

For further help contact: [email protected] and [email protected]


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