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Congratulations to Students and Learners across the Continent. Pedagog – An International Ed Tech Platform on the opening of its new Learning Approved Centre in Kuwait! This is an exciting development for the education sector across Kuwait, as it will provide students with access to high-quality online learning from around the world.

Learning Approved Centres are designated training providers that offer courses and qualifications that are accredited by Pedagog. This means that students who complete their studies at a Learning Approved Centre can be confident that they are receiving a world-class education.
This opening is a significant step towards making education more accessible and affordable for everyone in the country. It is also a testament to Pedagog’s commitment to providing high-quality education to students all over the world.

“I am sanguine that the new Learning Approved Centre will play an important role in helping the students to achieve their educational goals. I wish Pedagog and the new Centre under the leadership of Mr. Jeff Chacko  Mindtree International all the very best for the future”, said Dr J Anand during the ceremony.

Here are some of the benefits of studying at a Learning Approved Centre:

  • Access to high-quality online learning from around the world Accreditation from a reputable educational institution
  • Affordable fees
  • Flexible learning options
  • Support from experienced tutors and instructors

 Prof. Dr Edward Roy Krishnan, Founder and Director EIU-Paris sent his wishes to all the students and our new recruits and stated this as the next step of our mission to educate, mentor and train the masses globally & help them succeed in their careers.

Learning Approved Center in Kuwait

Mindtree International along with Pedagog Foundation UK a leading provider of learning and development solutions, and are pleased to announce the opening of a new learning approved center in Kuwait. The center will be led by Dr. Chacko, a highly respected and experienced educator with a proven track record of success in developing and delivering high-quality learning programs.

The new center will offer a wide range of learning programs and services, including:

  • Professional development courses for individuals and organizations
  • Custom-designed training programs to meet specific business needs
  • Online and blended learning solutions to provide flexibility and convenience
  • Assessor and mentor training programs to help organizations develop their own learning professionals

Mr. Chacko will bring his expertise and passion for learning to the new center. He is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences that will help learners achieve their goals.

“I am excited to open this new center in Kuwait and to share my knowledge and experience with learners in the region,” said Mr. Chacko. “I believe that learning is the key to success, and I am committed to helping people reach their full potential.”

The opening of the new learning approved center in Kuwait is a significant milestone for Pedagog Foundation UK. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing high-quality learning solutions to a global audience.

The company offers a wide range of learning programs and services, including professional development courses, custom-designed training programs, online and blended learning solutions, and assessor and mentor training programs. Pedagog is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences that will help learners achieve their goals.

Details of the Learning Centre
Training & Consultancy
Salmiya, Kuwait.


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