The Power of Routine: A Day in the Life of Leading Psychologist Ms. Shamina Deol

As a prominent psychologist and academician, Ms. Shamina Deol‘s daily routine is an intricate dance between intellectual pursuits, patient care, and personal well- being. Her days are fueled by a deep commitment to understanding the human mind and a passion for guiding individuals towards mental and emotional health.

But what does a typical day look like for this inspiring figure?

Early Hours:

Ms. Deol’s day begins with a mindful practice, like meditation or yoga, as early as 5:30 am. This quiet time allows her to center herself and prepare for the demanding schedule ahead. She might then spend an hour reading academic journals or delving into a thought-provoking book, keeping her mind sharp and abreast of the latest
advancements in psychology.

Clinical Work:

The core of Ms. Deol’s day revolves around her patients. Mornings are often dedicated to individual therapy sessions, where she employs her expertise to create a safe space for clients to explore their challenges and work towards positive change. Her sessions are known for their warmth, empathy, and insightful guidance.

Academic Pursuits:

Afternoons might see Ms. Deol engaged in academic activities. This could involve delivering lectures to students, participating in research projects, or writing scholarly articles that contribute to the field of psychology. She is highly respected for her ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring her academic contributions have real-world applications along with liaising with students on the Pedagog Platform.

Maintaining Balance:

Despite her busy schedule, Ms. Deol prioritizes maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She carves out time for exercise, whether it’s a brisk walk in Leicester’s beautiful parks or a session at the gym. She also enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, savoring delicious home-cooked meals, and engaging in activities that bring her joy, like reading classic literature or listening to music.

The Power of Rituals:

Certain rituals punctuate Ms. Deol’s day, grounding her and providing a sense of structure. A steaming cup of tea in the morning, a mindful walk during the lunch break, or a gratitude practice before bed – these small routines contribute to her overall well-being and ability to serve others effectively.

The Ripple Effect:

Ms. Shamina Deol’s daily routine is a testament to her dedication to her profession
and her commitment to personal growth. By prioritizing self-care alongside her demanding schedule, she sets an inspiring example for her patients, students, and colleagues. Her dedication to excellence and her genuine compassion create a ripple effect, fostering positive change in the lives of those she touches.


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